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Research shows that the average web site does not even receive 1000 unique visitors in their first 2 years of being on the web.

Our "Exit Traffic" Service will GUARANTEE you 10,000, 25,000, 50,000, 75,000 or even 100,000 unique visitors to your web site in DAYS... not years!

Potential customers will come from sites that have agreed to load your entire page in a separate window upon entry or exit of their site.

These "exit traffic" ads are a great way to get massive exposure to your website.

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We have partnerships with several premier free hosting companies including,, Bravenet and All the users of these services have agreed to load your entire page in a separate window upon entry or exit of their site.  We'll place your entire page on their rotators and actually open your website on the viewer's desktop in a new browser window. But get this... this window will appear underneath the current window their visitor is looking at, so that they can finish their current task before they look at your site.  This changes your site from an annoying pop-UP that the user must close just to finish what he or she was looking at, to a potentially welcome offer that patiently awaits the viewers full and complete attention!

Plus, viewers see just ONE pop-under at the site they are visiting... YOURS! They are aren't pop-spammed with several "cascading" popups like many other pop networks. This is a HUGE advantage and gives YOUR site and offer a much better chance of being examined!

If your site is just starting out, or if it's established but just isn't getting the kind of traffic you think it should, then THIS is the answer! Imagine going from a meager 100 hits to your site per month to a whopping 100,000 per month... LITERALLY OVERNIGHT! All for FAR less than you'd imagine!

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Use "Exit Traffic" to DRAMATICALLY INCREASE your search engine rankings!

Get this: All of the customers using Exit Traffic packages are experiencing a HUGE spike in their ranking on ALEXA.  We have many customers who buy this package for the sole purpose of getting sky-high "logged traffic" to their site.  Most customers who buy at least 20,000 hits per month go from being ranked in the low 3-4 million up to being ranked in the top 100,000 sites on the net.  Google works very closely with ALEXA and uses their stats as one factor in determining site ranking on their search engine, and they supply this ranking data to Yahoo, AOL, and Netscape. WOW! You get 75% of the major search engines finally ranking your site high!

Why?  Because each of those pops is an ACTUAL UNIQUE VISITOR TO THEIR SITE, as viewed by Alexa and Google.  They have no way of knowing the difference between a pop visitor and any other visitor. This means ALL of your Exit Traffic ads - even those Exit Traffic pop-unders that aren't being acted upon by the viewer - are working for you to help your search engine ranking skyrocket!!! 

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For a limited time, we're offering several MASSIVE EXPOSURE Exit Traffic packages, one for every advertising budget.

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But it gets BETTER: Each package comes with an equal number of targeted banner ads shown exclusively on the net's largest banner exchange network,! Note: You do not need to host any banner(s) on your site. And, you can select from our 32 different site types (covering the internet) to pinpoint exactly where you prefer to have your banner shown!

FREE Banner Design!

You can use these banner ads to promote any product, service, or opportunity... and in fact, you can easily promote multiple web sites just by adding different banners to your account. No banner? No problem! Just use one of our simple Banner Wizards to whip one up in a flash. Or, for a very nominal fee, we can develop a custom, kick-butt professionally designed banner specifically for your site. Just let us know on the order form.

It works with any web site you promote... we set it up completely for you!

As soon as your order is processed, we take it from there and set up your account for you. You will receive a welcome letter with simple instructions on how to view all your banner ad traffic and exit traffic stats... and how to use our incredible system to its fullest potential.

Extremely limited inventory

Most of our clients purchase one of our packages on a monthly basis (there's a package for every budget). And there is only a limited amount of monthly inventory available. This is a HOT traffic product. You'll definitely want to "lock-in" your inventory so you don't lose out!

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REAL Benefits of Exit Traffic Ads:

Immediate mass exposure of your site to users with multiple interests

Doesn't annoy the viewer like "Pop-Up" ads that flash in front of what the viewer is seeing (this means they won't be forced to immediately shut the window to resume what they were doing.)

Longer Viewing Time. The page is resting underneath what the viewer is currently doing, allowing him/her to finish. When he finally looks at your site, he isn't distracted and can focus on whether he is interested in your product.

A dramatic increase in your Alexa and Google search engine rankings!



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