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Michael T. Glaspie "Mike G"

Hi -

Would you like to reach a HUGE number of highly responsive, highly targeted prospects for YOUR offer this month or next month?

I own and operate a number of successful sites and am very fortunate to have developed a strong allegiance with my members. You can see some of and most of my primary sites in my sig file at the bottom of this letter.

It's the members of my sites that make up my house list...

My house list is the same exact list I use to promote my own products and services, and it is the only list I use to catapult me to the top or near the top #1 position when I promote various MLM programs.

My members respond well to these kind of offers:

  • Any business opportunity where they have a chance to make money on the net.

  • Various MLM or network marketing opportunities.

  • Any software that helps improve their overall marketing effectiveness or any software that helps make their surfing and/or pc experience more efficient or more pleasant.

They also respond well to various offers that encourage them to join any program as an affiliate... again a money-making opportunity.

You may not realize this, but for the past several years I have been offering a select group of clients the opportunity to reach my entire membership database of approximately 400,000 people through what I call... "My Endorsed Solo Mailing."

Outstanding Results!

Just see what three of my many long time clients has to say about this incredible, highly responsive list:

Mike you are amazing! In 3 years online working with MANY of the top "guru's" online, I've never EVER seen anyone with a list that pulls like yours… and what I can’t believe is that it has consistently out-performed anyone else's list for over 2 years now that we've been working together. When we launched Success University in January, you were instrumental in getting our company off the ground when you became the #1 top recruiter in our program by simply doing one mailing to your database. Mike, I also sincerely appreciate your level of integrity, openness, and making it such an extreme pleasure to do business with. You've not only become an incredible business partner, but more importantly have become an extremely valued friend. Thanks for everything!

Matt Morris
President and Founder
Success University

Dear Mike,

I am writing you this email because of the response I am getting with the advertising I bought from you. Mike I knew you were one of the top dogs on the internet, therefore your advertising service should be very good.

Good.. yes.. but come on..... I've had 500 subscribers to get more information about my traffic sytem and, I've had over $10,000.00 in sales.. and it's only 4:00 in the afternoon. And this is the 1st day of the ad running.

Are you kidding me? You have a list that any advertisor with a good product and some good website copy, can make a fortune from!

In my opinion as a professional internet success coach, the owner of 40 internet businesses and as a businessman who needs the best bang for my advertising dollar, that you have the number #1 one advertising resource on the internet today.

$10,000.00 in orders in less than 7 hours... I don't care how professional you think you are, these numbers will have you act like a fool!

I've already ordered more advertising packages from your company.


Paul Darby

I almost NEVER promote this

And I almost never promote this offer. The reason being I have to really like the website being promoted. In other words, I don't just take on any project on behalf of a client just because they're willing to pay me. If I think the website sucks canal water, if I think the offer is a scam or is not right for my membership, I just won't do it. I flat out, politely but candidly, refuse to do the mailing for the client.

Years of Success

And I've been doing this successfully for years now. In fact, most of the clients I have ever done this for are either still with me on a regular mailing schedule, or their businesses have grown to the point where they no longer need to pay for an endorsed solo email campaign with me but rather we now do JV deals...

Yes, that's right, I will do solo endorsed mailings for my JV partners, but only if and when their own house list is large enough, at least 50,000 members or subscribers, to mail an offer of mine to. So don't come to me and say, "Hey Mike, I like the idea of this, will you do this on a cost per action or revenue share basis?" Because frankly, I won't, unless you have at least a 50,000 membership or subscriber database that you could mail an offer of mine to, then I would be glad to.

Start building your own house list

Now I realize that most web marketers don't have a list that size, so, let me help you begin to build one. Here's what I'll do for you.

As a special test offer, if and only if I like your website, I'll mail an endorsed solo mailing for you and guarantee you will make $ or I'll mail it again free... or a different offer free if you prefer.

You can see a sample of a recent endorsed solo mailing here.

You can even share the cost of this advertising investment with as many people as you like... because I'll drop in a rotator link (I'll provide the free rotator) and share equally the traffic among your co-op participants.

All you need to do is go to this order form:

Just $2500!

Add To Cart

And when you fill it out be sure you give the url to the website you wish to promote so I can see it before accepting your order... If I approve of the website, if I think it's just right for my membership audience, only then will I accept your order.

Following the acceptance of your order, you will need to send to me at least a rough draft of your sales letter. I'll take it from there, I'll polish it up, I'll tighten it up, and then I'll add my endorsement to the top of it, just like at this sample link I have given you above.

Only 8-10 new clients please!

Listen carefully... I can only make this offer available for eight to ten new clients, that's it. You see, I only mail outside offers twice per week to my membership. And my clients get the best mailing days of the week, i.e. Tuesdays and Thursdays.

I hope you'll jump on board and take advantage of this marvelous opportunity today, to have your program endorsed by me and mailed to my entire database for an extremely reasonable fee.


Just $2500!

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