Thank you for attending the Tele-Seminar!

We covered a lot of ground on this call...

With what you have learned, you can take that knowledge and build a tremendously successful online marketing campaign for just about any product or service imaginable!

To recap all you've learned, we discussed:

  • How to use this history-making FREE program to maximum benefit!

  • How to take the lead and hypergrow your free membership with this first-ever one-of-a-kind free program!

  • How to hypergrow every web site you touch!

  • How to drive insane traffic to your site(s) forever!

  • The power and potential of FREE banner advertising!

  • The secrets behind powerful and effective banner creation!

  • How to make money, REAL money, on the net, through cash flow and equity build-up!

  • How to maximize your free membership... How to take your site to the next quantum level of success... FAST!

  • How to have 20 corporate-sponsored web sites placed in your first level! That's 20 sites selected at random of which you will get 10% of all of their traffic! SIMPLY FANTASTIC!

  • How to get your message in front of over 700,000 readers, FREE! Click Here for information on the Free Ezine Advertising Offer!

  • Plus much more!

Now that you're armed with the guerilla-marketing tactics you need to grow your online business beyond your wildest dreams, there's just one thing more you need... somewhere to place your advertising for MAXIMUM effectiveness, so you don't waste your precious resources ... EVER!

To Recap, the exclusive conference-only Advertising Packages available to you are:

Package A:
25,000 targeted impressions per month
Total Value: $300 per month
Your Conference-Only Cost: just $99 per month

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Package B:

100,000 targeted impressions per month
Total Value: $800 per month
Your Conference-Only Cost: just $250 per month

Cancel anytime

Package C:

100,000 targeted impressions (an $800 value)
10,000 piece Private Mailing (a $2,000 value)
Total Value: $2,800
Your Conference-Only Cost: just $495

Package D:
200,000 targeted impressions (a $1,600 value)
15,000 piece Private Mailing (a $3,000 value)
Showcase Ad (showcase and trade links with 700,000+ other members - a $2,880 value)
Total Value: $7,480
Your Conference-Only Cost: just $995

These advertising packages are available ONLY to graduates of the Tele-Seminar. These are the BEST PRICES and the BEST QUALITY of viewers/subscribers you will find anywhere. We simply do not make these packages publicly available!

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