Simple, Fun, And Effective Banner Advertising, Right Now!

It's easy, here's what you need to know to get started today.

This may surprise you, but it's true, banner advertising in 1999 accounted for an incredible 83% of the 4.62 billion dollars spent on internet advertising. This information according to the IAB (Internet Advertising Bureau) includes banner advertising placed on networks, individual sites, group sites as well as, sponsorship of web sites. If nearly four billion dollars a year, invested by savvy netpreneurs, aren't enough to convince you that banners are indeed alive and well, and an extremely effective method of promoting your site, consider this… this figure is expected to double within this year.

We've all heard that banner advertising doesn't work, click-thrus are low, banners clutter your site, etc., etc. But the fact of the matter is, the overwhelming majority of ad dollars are invested every single day in effective banner advertising campaigns. Banners do work, let's examine how.

First, the number one goal that every banner must accomplish is this: it must scream, it must shout at the top of it's lungs, "Click on me now! Come and look at my boss's web site!" Everyone knows this. This is what everyone strives for. Unfortunately, the majority of netpreneurs attempting to use banner advertising don't have the foggiest idea how to make that banner shout and scream.

It's not hard, it's easy.

Just put forth your number one benefit, express it clearly on your banner. It's the message that counts the most. Flashy graphics, drop down boxes, banners that look like polling devices, etc. are all just gimmicks that all just marginally increase effectiveness. The number one reason why the visitor to any site will click on your banner is because of the compelling message you put inside the banner. If you give something away free at your site, be absolutely certain your banner begins with the word 'Free'. If you're not giving something away free at your site, you should, even if it's just a free membership, subscription, or even advice. Next, don't try to narrow the market, make your offer appeal to the widest possible audience. Rely on your web site to do the sorting. Get those visitors to click on your banner and visit your site now. If for example; you operate a business opportunity site selling jewelry, don't say in your banner, "Make $$$ - the easy net way offering world class jewelry." Instead say this, "Make $$$ - the easy net way. Products everyone wants and will buy from you, I'll show you how". See the enormous difference?

As the director and founder of 'it's all free, effortless free advertising for life', I've seen literally thousands of banners that are close to hitting the mark, yet fail, thus resulting in pitiful click-thru rates.

Shout At Me!

Think of your banner as the place to showcase your best classified ad. In fact, there is nothing wrong with a classified ad inside a banner. It can be a very effective and powerful marketing tool. Remember, it's the message that counts. Got a good classified ad? Use it in your banner. It will work.

Show Me Who You Are!

The next primary goal that every banner must strive to achieve is this... It must create a brand awareness for your product, your service, your company, even yourself. If, for example, you have joined an affiliate program or several affiliate programs, begin marketing your own name. Build for yourself a following online. Put your name in all of your banners and also include a caption. For example, if you are marketing brand x affiliate program, your banner could easily say, "I'll show you the net's shortcut to success, FREE - your name, stop beating your head against the wall, click here now for the right program at the right time." And, for any product or service that you own or control, you must begin now identifying that product or service in every banner ad, and in all ads that you run. Call it by it's name. And always, not sometimes, not most of the time, but always put your domain name in your banner ads. Listen, first through thousands, then through hundreds of thousands, and then ultimately through millions of times that your banner message is seen, you will build brand awareness, a recognition of your product, your service, your name, your company name, your URL, on the internet. Stop wasting the enormous potential of showcasing your business in your banner advertising. Let's face it, 98% or more of the time your banner ad is seen, it will not result in a click, don't waste these opportunities to showcase through branding.

Also, be absolutely certain to take full advantage of the free targeting available to you at Most companies in the banner advertising business charge extra or premium fees for targeting. As a member or advertiser of, targeting is available to you absolutely free. Simply select those sites that make the most sense to display your banner for you.

To recap, design your banner with compelling copy, that reaches out to the widest possible audience. Don't narrow your market. Capture the attention of as many prospects as possible, let your site do the selling for you.

Then, develop your banner ad with the element of 'branding' - cause your audience to remember you. Sooner or later, your name, your product, your face, your URL, will become known throughout the internet.

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