Building and Submitting Your Banner To The Network

Once you've signed up and pasted the code on your pages, you are ready to build and submit your banner for rotation in the network! Remember, each time you display the banner code on your pages, we'll show your banner somewhere on the network!

So how do you build a banner?

First, you can make one the old-fashioned way...with a graphics program. You will need to follow certain design specifications. The banner must be 250 pixels wide, by 72 pixels high. It must be in GIF format. It's filesize must be no more than 9.5k. Animated banners are a-okay.

Or, you can try the new-fangled way... build one online RIGHT NOW using one of our exclusive Banner Wizards! They're fast, fun, and simple. Choose either the Wizard presented by Digital Media Works, which has a ton of highly customizable templates... or the Wizard presented by Animation Online which is extremely easy to use! Or use both to make multiple banners! Just follow the instructions. After you've created and saved your banner(s) to your hard drive, simply login to your Account Manager and upload them!

Putting your banner in the network...

After you've created your banner, either with a graphics program or with our Banner Wizard, you'll need to "upload" them into the network. First make sure you've saved your banner to your hard drive (be sure to remember where you saved it!).

Then, login to your Account Manager.

Next, click the "Add/Modify your Banner(s)" button. This will take you to the area where you can upload your banners. (Note: this is also where you can view stats for individual banners.) At the top, click the "Browse" button next to the Image field. Go to the folder where you saved you banner, and select it (if none of your graphics files are displayed, make sure you choose the "All Files" option in the "Files of type" drop-down menu). Click the "Open" button. Now the path to your file should be inserted into the Image field.

Now go to the next field - "URL"... Type the full web page address (including the "http://") of the page to which you wish you banner to link. Leave the priority field blank unless you are submitting more than one banner and wish some banners to display more than others within your account. (If you wish to do this, simply "weight" the banner you want to display more by using a higher number than the other banners in your account. For example, if you have two banners and set one's priority to 10, and the other's to 20, the second banner will display twice as many times as the first. The same would happen if you used values of 100 and 200. Note that your banners will never display more times than the number of impressions you have earned either through your one-to-one exchange or through your downline impressions.)

Now simply click "Add Banner"... and you're done! Your banner will be placed in the queue for administrative approval and will begin rotating in the system based on your impression credits as soon as we've reviewed and accepted it.

Some Design Tips...

"What's in it for me?" Remember this. This is the most important customer question you can answer when its time to consider your banner copy. To answer it, you must determine the primary BENEFIT your service or product will provide for your prospective customer. Note the word "benefit"... which is not to be confused with product "features".

What do we mean?

Consider the following two subheads:

1. Offering 37 varieties of herbal supplements!

2. Add an extra 10 healthy years to your life!

What's the difference? Which is more compelling? Which will be clicked more? The first sentence is a "feature oriented" statement. It's merely a descriptive comment. The second sentence however, is the much more powerful "benefit oriented" statement. It gives the reader a clear reason to want to find out more.

This is not to say you shouldn't talk about your line of world-reknowned herbal products. In fact, your visitor will want to know how you intend to keep them around a bit longer. So you'd pique their interest with the benefit oriented banner, then go on to elaborate in explanatory copy... at your website.

So again, state a clear benefit on your banner. Why should someone click on your banner? Are you giving away something for free? (If not, you should!) What can people get at your site they can't get anywhere else? Answer these questions and you are well on your way to an effective banner campaign!

For more tips on effective banner advertising check out our free online report: The 14 Proven Laws of Effective Banner Advertising.

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