Don't Have a Web Site Yet? Or, Do You Have a Replicated Dealer Page To Which You Can't Add Banners?

So you want to join but don't have somewhere to place the banner code so that you can build your downline? Maybe you have a "replicated" dealer page on some type of business opportunity web site, or worse, just don't have a web site at all!

Well don't worry, all is not lost... in fact, we have the perfect solution!

How about a web site, absolutely FREE?

Simply get a free no-strings-attached web site from (FREE Web Sites & $20 Cash Over & Over). You'll have full content control over your pages, so you can build a site for your business from scratch, or, just build a "gateway" page to all your "replicated" business opportunity pages.

Then, place the code on this same "gateway" page and drive traffic directly to it, where your visitors can then click over to any of your opportunities, which you can "endorse" by giving a brief description and telling your visitiors in your own words why they should check it out!

To see a sample gateway page and/or to get help building one, click here.


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