Tools for Building Your Downline

We've already built a way for you to build your downline automatically and effortlessly into the system... Simply hosting the banner code on your pages is a passive way to "recruit" new members into your downline. Anytime someone clicks on the link below the split banners from your pages, and then signs up, they'll automatically be dropped into your first level downline. You don't have to do anything extra... these people will begin generating impressions for you immediately after they install the code on their own pages and begin to get traffic.

But, you are not limited to a "passive" approach to generating your downline. You may also "actively" promote the site to build your membership huge by using any of the tools that we make available to you here.

Whenever you promote the site, make sure you link to the following URL. Failure to do so will result in members not being assigned to you properly. (Note that you must insert your account name at the end of the url.):

Banners for the Network

These are banners you may place into the network itself. Select which one you want to use, right click it, then select Save As or Save Picture As. Save the image to your hard drive. Then, login to your account and upload the banner as normal.

Remember to link to the URL indicated above!



Banners for Other Networks and General Advertising

These are more common 468x60 size banners you may use if you choose to purchase banner placements elsewhere or if you wish to place a banner in another network.

Again, select which one you want to use, right click it, then select Save As or Save Picture As. Save the image to your hard drive. You will need to follow instructions provided by the other network or the advertising agency you are working with for actual placement.

Remember to link to the URL indicated above!



Text Ads

Here are some additional promotional tools for straight text promotion (email, text links on your web pages, etc.).

Remember to also link these to the URL indicated above!

For your web site
When you leave our/my site, be sure to visit (and it's all FREE)! It's a hot free-advertising-for-life program and you get a $15 Signing Bonus just for joining! Check it out and join today at (your url)!

Classified Ad
What could you do with 37,300 FREE banner ads every month and a FREE $15 Signing Bonus? (and it's all free)! Join now FREE!

Announcement Copy is one of the fastest growing banner exchanges on the Net and for good reason.

They offer free membership in ways that no other exchanges do. First, you as a member earn a full ONE to ONE credit. This means each time you have a visitor to your web site you receive an exposure of your banner on another member's site. Plus, you earn a full 10% of all impressions generated by each and every member of your downline, five levels deep! Your downline is automatically created "passively" for you because anytime someone clicks the link below the exchange code and signs up as a member themselves, they are placed in your first level downline. Anyone signing up under them is placed in your second level downline, and so on, for five full levels. You can also "actively" build your downline using the tools provided by

If these two great benefits aren't enough to sway you into a free membership, consider this: Visitors never even leave your site if they click on a member banner... When they click on a banner you host, a new window opens; and when they close it, they are back at your site! Plus, with's multi-page code you can actually receive multiple full one-to-one credits to have your banner ad shown elsewhere on the network from a single visitor. With all of this, including the option to exclude competitors from advertising on your site, free targeting, free instant online banner building with the Banner Wizards, a dynamic partnership program, and a whopping $15 Signing Bonus just for joining free, you've got everything to gain from membership at



"Signature" lines

Use these "signature" lines when signing all of your email. You can actually build your downline with every email you send!

Your Name
Member - - And It's All FREE!
your custom URL (see above)


Your Name
Member - - A FREE 5 Level Affiliate Program!
your custom URL (see above)




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