Cheating is not a game or contest... it's stealing!

There really is no reason to cheat. Just hosting the banner code on one or more pages at your site will produce far more legitimate impression credits to your account than you could ever artificially manufacture. But if you try, we will catch you (we have several automatic system crosschecks). And when we do, we will post your name, address, and email address here warning others not to do business with you (affiliate program managers frequently check these pages). You will lose your account and your entire downline of members and possibly be subject to local prosecution for computer fraud. We're serious about this! Don't cheat. You have been warned...

Cheating hurts not only us, it hurts all members whose banner ads are wasted. We simply will not tolerate it. Review our Policies and Procedures for more info and penalties assessed to cheater's.

You are advised against doing business with these people. These accounts have been terminated by us!
Name Address Email
Brian Bateman
E-Marketing Services
1710 N 2nd St
Sheboygan, WI 53081
Ph: 920-451-4799
Reason for termination: This guy was stealing impressions from everyone with "auto-loading" pages & hidden banner code.
Kent Fleenor
1671 Sandy Springs Dr
Orange Park, FL 32073
Ph: 904-982-3536
Reason for termination: This rocket scientist thought it would be cool to show 56 banners on a single page, thus cheating our members out of 56 credits each time his page was accessed. Good riddance.
Robert Edwards

34 Juhasz Road
Norwalk, CT 06854
Ph: 203-853-1254
Reason for termination: Robert thought it would be okay to build a "banners-only" page (violation #1) then decided it would be fair to our members to look at that page 3,948 times, and in his own words, "to work on it."
Troy Peterson & Brad Hundel
Electrotech Consulting Ltd.

RR1 - S3 - C32
Sicamous, BC Canada
Ph: 1-888-886-7555
Reason for termination: Falsifying information and stealing 11,995 impressions through auto-generating techniques.
Robert Wait

8411 Kelmore Rd
Richmond, British Columbia V7C 2A9 Canada
Ph: 604-272-9903
Reason for termination: Some people just don't seem to get it. This guy thought it would be "okay" to sneak in an adult site... What a waste of your advertising credits! It doesn't take us long, we catch all these idiots!
Kyrre Dyregrov
Internet Money

Steinsvikveien 42
Bergen, Soreidgrend Norway 5251
Ph: +47 55120961
Reason for termination: Placed dozens of banner code on a single page. Falsified impressions & contact information. However, the email address is correct.
Thomas Weber
Home Sweet Home

P.O.Box 2014
Frankenthal, Rhl.-Pfalz 67210 DE
Ph: 06233 28010
Reason for termination: Falsifying impressions. Banner code only, no banner showing on a redirect page... This is stealing!
J Schwartz

15 Isle of Venice #11
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301
Ph: 877-541-6464x214
Reason for termination: Stole 2,897 impressions from members with an auto loading banners-only page. Got away with it for less than 24 hours. Good riddance J schwartz.
Vladimir Khomenko

P. O. Box 87571
Montgomery Village, MD 20879
Ph: 202-421-7251
Reason for termination: Falsifying impressions at site and falsifying application information.
Dale Dufrene 1213 East Drive
Westwego, LA 70094
Ph: 504-348-2880
Reason for termination: Falsifying & stealing impressions through the use of double-loading/auto-loading techniques.
Dor Gefen

Ha`ari 14/6
Netanya, 24526 Israel
Reason for termination: Falsifying impressions.
Ye Chow
aka: Tom Chow
No. 55-23 Des Voeux Road
Central HK, Hong Kong
Reason for termination: Falsifying information, falsifying banner impressions, and banner only pages.

Tony Sousa

193 Islington Ave
Toronto, ON M8V 3B8 Canada
Ph: 416-201-9544
Reason for termination: Membership terminated for falsifying data at signup & operating an adult site... strictly prohibited.
Bret Essing

909 Silber Road, #48
Houston, TX 77024
Ph: 713-956-0855
Ph: 713-956-2321
Reason for termination: Falsifying impressions through auto-loading a banners-only page... two big no-nos!
Soham Shah

212 South Kraemer Blvd., #2509
Placentia, CA 92870
Ph: 714-985-4947
Reason for termination: Blatantly cheated and stole from members even after being warned. Falsified sign-up data. Falsified impressions.
Maxim Abrazcov

Lenin Str
Baikonur, Russia
Reason for termination: Falsifying impressions through use of auto-loading pages...
Jim Maslanko

13540-38th St
Edmunton, AB Canada T5A 2W7
Ph: 780-478-7123
Reason for termination: Falsifying & stealing impressions through the use of auto-loading banners-only pages.
Xinsheng Zhou

Room 502,No30,Lane1700
Gonghexin Road, Shanghai China
Ph: 36030032
Reason for termination: Falsifying impressions through use of hidden code...
Yonathan Belousov

ICQ: 82964794
Reason for termination: Falsifying information & falsifying impressions.
Lee Hop

NO.3 Tree street Hoy town
Toykay, Japan
Ph: 4568257896645
Reason for termination: Falsifying impressions by placing multiple banners on banners-only pages.
John Santos

3768 University Drive
Coral Springs, FL 33065
Ph: 954-340-4264
Reason for termination: Falsifying impressions through use of auto-loading pages.
Carol Trammel

723 Darst Rd
Ferguson, MO 63135
Ph: 314-524-4131
Reason for termination: Falsifying impressions by concealing the banner code in hidden frames.
Cesar Villa

3245 S Tyler St
Tacoma, WA 98404
4109 North Stevens
Tacoma, WA 98047
Ph: (253) 472-0342
Reason for termination: Artificially inflated traffic counts by auto-loading banners-only pages.
Wouter De Ruiter

Sittard, 6135 gd Netherlands
Ph: 0644186773
Reason for termination: Stole impressions by using auto-loading, banner-only pages.
Stoyan Stoyanov

1550 W. Dempster
Mt. Prospect, IL 60056
Ph: (847) 981-0238
Reason for termination: Flasifying impressions, falsifying contact information.
Yang Jun

Li xian xian wei ban
Li Xian, Hu Nan 415400
Ph: 0736-4141338
Reason for termination: Provided false information and used auto-loading pages to generate false impressions.
John Munk

20 Temiya Ave
Tonikawa, Honshu Japan 232123
Ph: 0299929292
Reason for termination: Flasifying impressions.
Marty Jensen

Eagle Productions
5069 S 14th Street
Milwaukee , WI 53221
Ph: 414-840-4055
Reason for termination: Attempted to use auto-loading techniques and placed excessive banners on landing page.
Tadej Vobonik

Slovenceva 67
Ljubljana, Slovenia 1121
Ph: 01 5651 181
Reason for termination: Used an autoloading, banner-only page to obtain false impression counts.
Brian Stolz

122B-3250 Rock City Rd
Nanaimo, BC V9T 4R2
Ph: 250-729-9239
Reason for termination: Busted for utilizing auto-loading pages to inflate traffic counts and steal impressions from other members.
Lee Frank

Gamers Delux
32 Karen Road
Holland, PA 18966
Ph: 267-679-7277
Reason for termination: Tried to steal impressions by placing multiple instance of banner code on an auto-loading page.


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